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Rakefile: Define Rubocop task

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require 'rubygems'
require 'puppetlabs_spec_helper/rake_tasks'
require 'puppet-lint/tasks/puppet-lint'
require 'rubocop/rake_task'
ENV['SPEC_OPTS'] = '--format documentation' unless ENV['SPEC_OPTS']
PuppetSyntax.exclude_paths = ['vendor/**/*.*']
PuppetLint.configuration.ignore_paths = %w(spec/**/*.pp pkg/**/*.pp vendor/**/*.pp)
# Alternative configuration until gets merged
......@@ -13,4 +15,4 @@ :lint do |config|
config.ignore_paths = PuppetLint.configuration.ignore_paths
task :all => [:validate, :lint, :spec, :rubocop]
task all: [:validate, :lint, :spec, :rubocop]
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