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Don't set paths and versions of build dependencies

This lets tools/win32/configure.ps1 from the icinga2 repo control the build
dependency paths and thereby the dependency versions. So different branches of
the icinga2 repo can use one branch of the windows-icinga2 repo to build
against different dependency versions. This is currently required by our GitHub
Actions as all branches there use the master branch of this repo.
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......@@ -7,20 +7,6 @@ if (-not (Test-Path env:CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE)) {
$env:CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE = "RelWithDebInfo"
# Settings for the Icinga build environment on Windows
$env:CMAKE_GENERATOR = "Visual Studio 16 2019"
$env:VS_INSTALL_PATH = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019"
if ($env:BITS -eq 64) {
} else {
$env:BOOST_ROOT = "C:\local\boost_1_76_0-Win${env:BITS}"
$env:BOOST_LIBRARYDIR = "C:\local\boost_1_76_0-Win${env:BITS}\lib${env:BITS}-msvc-14.2"
$env:BISON_BINARY = 'C:\ProgramData\chocolatey\lib\winflexbison3\tools\win_bison.exe'
$env:FLEX_BINARY = 'C:\ProgramData\chocolatey\lib\winflexbison3\tools\win_flex.exe'
$env:OPENSSL_ROOT_DIR = "C:\local\OpenSSL_1_1_1k-Win${env:BITS}"
cd .\icinga2
& .\tools\win32\load-vsenv.ps1
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