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Icinga 1.6.x Change Log
Icinga 1.7.x Change Log
Thanks to all contributers, testers and developers. Please read AUTHORS and THANKS for a detailed list :-)
1.7.0 - 15/05/2012
idomod.o was renamed to, module extension is now .so will now be installed to $libdir instead of $bindir
* core: notifications: Create contact list after eventbroker callbacks (Andreas Ericsson) #2110 - MF
* core: fix event removal from queues with O(1) removal from doubly linked lists (Andreas Ericsson) #2183 - MF
* core: avoid senseless looping when free()'ing macros (Andreas Ericsson) #2184 - MF
* core: avoid insane looping through event list when rescheduling checks (Mathias Kettner, Andreas Ericsson) #2182 - MF
* core: allow empty host groups in service and host dependencies if allow_empty_hostgroup_assignment flag is set (Daniel Wittenberg) #2255 - MF
* core: fix compatibility problems on solaris 10 (affects core, cgis, ido) (Carl R. Friend) #2292 - MF/RB/TD
* core: add trigger_time to downtimes to allow calculating of flexible downtimes endtime #2537 - MF
* core: add nebmodule version/name check for idomod (this allows future version dependencies) #2569 - MF
* classic ui: Added option for max log entries displayed in showlog.cgi #2145 - RB
* classic ui: Added config option for status totals in status.cgi #2018 - RB
* classic ui: Added multiple hosts/services to status.cgi GET #1981 - RB
* classic ui: Added nostatusheader in status.cgi as config option #2018 - RB
* classic ui: Added statusmap resizing with exclude/include button (thanks to Mat) #2186 - RB
* classic ui: Added Select hosts or services by clicking on line instead of box #2118 - RB
* classic ui: include graph icons by default in logos #2222 - MF
* classic ui: added missing comment tool tip box to outages.cgi #2396 - RB
* classic ui: add javascript to refresh page/pause easier #2119 - RB
* classic ui: Added Scheduling queue filter for specific host or service #2421 - RB
* classic ui: add display_status_totals as cgi.cfg option in order to allow the status totals to be shown again #2443 - RB
* classic ui: Changed reading of auth information from cgiauth.c to cgiutils.c #2524 - RB
* classic ui: Added readonly cgi.cfg view into the config section #1776 - RB
* classic ui: add is_in_effect and trigger_time to downtime view for html, csv, json #2538 - MF
* classic ui: add modified attributes row to extinfo.cgi showing diffs to original config (thx Sven Nierlein for the idea) #2473 - MF
* classic ui: add modified attributes reset command to extinfo.cgi allowing to reset to original config #2474 - MF
* idoutils: add new index for state in table statehistory #2274 - TD
* idoutils: add is_in_effect and trigger_time to scheduleddowntime and downtimehistory tables #2539 - MF
* idoutils: change varchar(255) to TEXT in mysql (not cs and address rfc columns) #2181 - MF
* idoutils: enhance dbversion table with modified and created columns #2562 - MF
* idoutils: set module info in idomod, to be checked on neb module load in future versions #2569 - MF
* install: add configure option --with-temp-file=<filepath> to set temp_file for icinga.cfg #2121 - MF
* install: add --with-plugin-dir to configure for setting the plugins path accordingly #2344 - MF
* install: change default target location of from $bindir to $libdir #2346 - MF
** packagers dreams come finally true! :)
* install: introduce "lib/" in default prefix install for modules #2347 - MF
* install: revamp the broker_module entry in icinga.cfg pointing to new module definition #2348 - MF
* install: change idomod extension from .o to .so, make .so the default extension for modules #2354 - MF
* install: add configure target --with-eventhandler-dir and "make install-eventhandlers" for contrib/eventhandlers #2352 - MF
* install: add --enable-cgi-log to configure to enable cgi logging during build #2364 - MF
* install: fix configure --ido-instance-name is incorrect, missing 'with' (thx Marco) #2407 - MF
* install: add --enable-nagiosenv to configure to expose custom variables with prefix NAGIOS_ instead of ICINGA_ for easier reuse of well known check scripts #2083 - TD
* install: add --with-http-auth-file to allow different file/loc of htpasswd.users #2533 - MF
* install: make the location of the ido.sock, ido2db.lock, icinga.chk, idomod.tmp configurable #1856 - MF
* install: use custom state dir instead of hardcoded localstatedir #2583 - MF
* config: introduce conf.d as place for own configs #2360 - MF
* tests: replace libtap with an actively developed version #1192 - MF
* tests: fix and rewrite perl tests in t/ #2369 - AW
* icinga.spec: use --with-plugin-dir instead of --libexexdir for nagios plugins dir #2344 - MF
* icinga.spec: make aware of the change of idomod.o location and changed extension (now .so) #2350 - MF
* icinga.spec: add "README LICENSE Changelog UPGRADING" to all packages as docs (thx Michael Gruener) #2212 - MF
* icinga.spec: put module/idoutils/db into docs instead of manually copying to /etc/icinga/idoutils (thx Michael Gruener) #2357 - MF
* icinga.spec: add README.RHEL README.RHEL.idoutils to upstream, being installed as docs (thx Michael Gruener, Stefan Marx) #2212 - MF
* icinga.spec: use eventhandler configure/make in package creation from #2352 #2363 - MF
* icinga.spec: use --enable-cgi-log from upstream instead of manual sed #2365 - MF
* icinga.spec: introduce conf.d as place for own configs #2367 - MF
* icinga.spec: introduce icinga-idoutils-libdbi-mysql|pgsql as seperate packages #2361 - MF
* icinga.spec: updates from rhel bug #1666 - MF
** move pid file to _localstatedir/run/
** install icinga.logrotate example
** move ext cmd file location to _localstatedir/spool/icinga/cmd/icinga.cmd
** set icinga user's home to _localstatedir/spool/icinga
** move checkresults to _localstatedir/spool/icinga/checkresults
** use --with-http-auth-file from #2533
** add default /etc/icinga/passwd with icingaadmin:icingaadmin default login
* icinga.spec: use ido2db.lock, ido.sock, idomod.tmp, icinga.chk configure params #1856 - MF
* icinga.spec: use --with-state-dir for spool dir #2583 - MF
* core: Plug some macro leaks triggered when sending notifications (Andreas Ericsson) #2109 - MF
* core: mark services as executing only when we know we will actually run them (Andreas Ericsson) #2302 - MF
* core: fix handling of allow_empty_hostgroup_assignment when hitting NULL'edhost_name attribute, now properly finishing #949 - MF
* core: drop abbreviations in debug log and make them more telling #2138 - MF
* core: remove deprecated code for log_external_commands_user #1619 - MF
* core: fix scheduled_downtime_depth falsely incremented if in flexible downtime with duration < end-starttime window #2536 - MF
* core: log error reason when failing to create the status file (Ulf Lange) #2560 - MF
* core: deny to load idomod.o if detected in old config #2354 #2569 - MF
* classic ui: Fixed status totals are wrong when searching #1524 - RB
* classic ui: Fixed wrong URLs for status.cgi overview #2173 - RB
* classic ui: Fixed Host status sorting in status.cgi not working #2220 - RB
* classic ui: Fixed notifications.cgi - memory access error #2234 - RB
* classic ui: Done clean up document_header() and unused vars in cgi's #2252 - RB
* classic ui: Fixed status.cgi: host param not honoured with servicefilter #2262 - RB
* classic ui: fixed Tooltip from action_url interfering with pnp4nagios integration #2198 - RB
* classic ui: fixed json output for comments and downtimes in extinfo.cgi sometimes invalid #2343 - RB
* classic ui: fixed invalid json output for tac.cgi #2160 - RB
* classic ui: Fixed Invalid json data if field value is multiline #2263 - RB
* classic ui: fixed Commit commands with more then 500 multiple pairs of hosts and services #2373 - RB
* classic ui: fixed reset forms on return after submitting command #2117 - RB
* classic ui: Change Excel icon to odf spreadsheet icon #2391 - RB
* classic ui: fixed Availability Records Break if JavaScript is disabled #2412 - RB
* classic ui: fixed Truncated HTML table when displaying outages in outages.cgi #2323 - RB
* classic ui: fixed Log File Navigation in current/ealier/recent archive clarification #2441 - RB
* classic ui: fixed Extra leading space in status.cgi CSV output #2535 - RB
* classic ui: fixed Authentication in trends.cgi not working correctly #2209 - RB
* idoutils: fix ORA-00913 too many values when MERGE INTO eventhandlers #2319 - MF
* idoutils: change standard string escaping for postgresql queries to use the E'foo' notation #1974 - MF
* idoutils: fix several build problems in solaris: use supplied sprintf functions in preference over local one, build .so instead of .o shared librarys, use explicit -fPIC compiler switch #524,#1772,#2354 - TD
* idoutils: fix core dumps in solaris when using os supplied printf functions #2271,#1253,#2503,#2292 - TD
* idoutils: fix lob handling in Oracle #2303,#2342 - TD
* idoutils: fix sample shell db create script for mysql #2358 - TD
* idoutils: fix OCI-21500 when freeing lobs #2509 - TD
* idoutils: add note to "if process data is not dumped via idomod, ido2db won't clean tables and set objects inactive" #2237 - MF
* idoutils: fix pgsql unix_timestamp cannot handle timstamp with timezone #2203 - MF
* install: Fix notification template installation (Todd Zullinger) #2235 - MF
* install: uninstall old idomod.o #2570 - MF
* neb api: move creation of notification contact list AFTER event broker callback NEBTYPE_NOTIFICATION_START #2110
** allows neb modules to cancel/override notification list creation on notification start
* debug: set debug_verbosity=2 by default
* configure: --enable-libtap=yes by default for builtin 'make test-tap'
* install: --with-temp-file=<filepath> #2121
** sets path to an Icinga exclusive update temp file i.e. /tmp/icinga.tmp
* install: --with-plugin-dir=<path> #2344
** sets path to plugins directory path i.e. $prefix/libexec
* install: change default target location of from $bindir to $libdir #2346
* install: change idomod extension from .o to .so, make .so the default extension for modules #2354
** make sure to UPDATE the location in your CONFIG !!!
* install: introduce "lib/" in default prefix install for modules #2347
* install: --with-eventhandler-dir=<path> #2352
** sets path to eventhandler directory path i.e. $prefix/libexec/eventhandlers
* install: make install-eventhandlers #2352
** install sample eventhandlers to defined location
* install: --enable-cgi-log #2364
** enables cgi logging (EXPERIMENTAL)
* install: --with-http-auth-file #2533
** sets location/name of htpasswd.users
* install: ido2db lockfile, ido.sock file, icinga.chk, idomod.tmp as configure params #1856
** --with-icinga-chkfile=<path>
** --with-ido2db-lockfile=<path>
** --with-ido-sockfile=<path>
** --with-idomod-tmpfile=<path>
* install: use custom state dir --with-state-dir #2583
* config: $sysconfdir/conf.d #2360
* install: --enable-libtap is now deprecated, new libtap does not require configure anymore #1192
* tests: you can now test with pleasure: $ make distclean ; ./configure ; make test #2369 #1192
* core: add trigger_time to downtimes #2537
** downtimes in status.dat/retention.dat now holding trigger_time
** nebstruct and event broker api now passing trigger_time and is_in_effect
* core: nebcallback for downtime start now happens *after* setting "in effect" attributes #2539
** needed to pass is_in_effect and trigger_time to neb modules
* core: new neb module load error: NEBMODULE_ERROR_IDO_VERSION #2569
* classic ui: Added option for max log entries displayed in showlog.cgi #2145
** added new config option "default_num_displayed_log_entries"