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<> <assaf@AikiLinux-laptop.(none)>
<> <massimo@mforni-laptop.(none)>
<> <>
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Bernd Arnold
Hendrik Baecker
Ricardo Bartels
Jochen Bern
Gunnar Beutner
Matthew Brooks
Rune Darrud
Karl DeBisschop
Thomas Dressler
Carsten Emde
Andreas Ericsson
Duncan Ferguson
Michael Friedrich
Massimo Forni
Jean Gabes
Mathieu Gagné
Ethan Galstad
Mark Gius
Stephen Gran
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Alexander Hofmann
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Petya Kohts
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Joerg Linge
Opsera Ltd
Opsview Team
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Chris Moates
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Tim Schumacher <>
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Tomas Dubec <>
Ton Voon <>
Torsten Rehn <>
uid21444 <uid21444>
Wolfgang <>
......@@ -24,6 +24,26 @@ NEWS
* Mailinglists have been migrated to Please check for details!
1.11.6 - 06/08/2014
* idoutils: Fix customvariable* tables are not case sensitive (mysql) #6788 - MF
* installation: Fix misspelled systemd configure options, added hint in Makefile #6710 - SS
* spec: Add shadow-utils as a dependency for Redhat packaging #4495 - SS
* spec: Build dependency for "make" is missing - GB
* Fix comments in cgiutils.c #6712
* Fix customvariable tables requires schema version update to 1.11.6! #6788
1.11.5 - 20/06/2014
......@@ -31,4 +31,48 @@ various community support channels:
Good luck! :-)
Building Release Tarballs
In order to build a release tarball you should first check out the Git repository
in a new directory. If you're using an existing check-out you should make sure
that there are no local modifications:
$ git status
Here's a short check-list for releases:
* Update the .mailmap and AUTHORS files
$ git log --use-mailmap | grep ^Author: | cut -f2- -d' ' | sort | uniq > AUTHORS
* Bump the version in icinga.spec.
* Update the current version (and db schema, if required)
$ ./update-version
$ ./update-version-schema
* Update the Changelog and generate the docs
$ ./configure; make create-docs
* Commit these changes to the "next" branch and create a signed tag (tags/v<VERSION>).
$ git commit -v -a -m "Release version <VERSION>"
$ git tag -u EE8E0720 -m "Version <VERSION>" v<VERSION>
$ git push --tags
* Merge the "next" branch into the "master" branch (using --ff-only).
$ git checkout master
$ git merge --ff-only next
$ git push origin master
* Bump the version to "v<NEXT-VERSION>-dev" and commit this change to the "next" branch.
Use "git archive" to build the release tarball:
$ VERSION=1.11.6
$ git archive --format=tgz --prefix=icinga-$VERSION/ tags/v$VERSION
On CentOS 6.x use
$ VERSION=1.11.6
$ git archive --format=tar --prefix=icinga-$VERSION/ tags/v$VERSION | gzip >icinga-$VERSION.tar.gz
Finally you should verify that the tarball only contains the files it should contain:
$ VERSION=1.11.6
$ tar ztf icinga-$VERSION.tar.gz | less
......@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ MKDIR=/bin/mkdir
# Global
......@@ -100,7 +100,6 @@ none:
@printf "Other useful targets:\n"
@printf "\t%-23s - %s\n" "distclean" "make source ready for commit or packaging"
@printf "\t%-23s - %s\n" "create-tarball" "create tarball for packaging"
@printf "\t%-23s - %s\n" "create-tarball-nightly" "create nightly build tarball"
@printf "\t%-23s - %s\n" "create-docs" "generate html docs from docbook"
@printf "\t%-23s - %s\n" "submodule-init" "init git submodules"
@printf "\t%-23s - %s\n" "submodule-update" "update git submodules"
......@@ -122,6 +121,7 @@ none:
@printf "\t%-23s - %s\n" "install-config" "install sample config"
@printf "\t%-23s - %s\n" "install-webconf" "install apache config and http auth file for Classic UI"
@printf "\t%-23s - %s\n" "install-init" "install init script"
@printf "\t%-23s - %s\n" "install-systemd" "install systemd init script"
@printf "\t%-23s - %s\n" "install-commandmode" "install external command file"
@printf "\t%-23s - %s\n" "install-idoutils" "install idoutils module"
@printf "\t%-23s - %s\n" "install-eventhandlers" "install sample eventhandlers"
......@@ -320,13 +320,9 @@ create-docs: copy-docs-style
@echo "updated docs :)"
./make-tarball --prefix icinga-${ICINGA_VERSION}/
#git pull origin `git branch --no-color 2> /dev/null | sed -e '/^[^*]/d' -e 's/* \(.*\)/\1/'` #user must pull himself, some brnaches are not remote
${MAKE} submodule-update-latest
${MAKE} create-docs
./make-tarball --prefix icinga-${ICINGA_VERSION}_`date +%Y%m%d`_`git rev-parse --short HEAD`/
$(eval version := $(shell git describe --tags HEAD | sed 's/^v//'))
git archive -o "../${TARBALL_NAME}-$(version).tar.gz" --prefix="${TARBALL_NAME}-$(version)/" HEAD
@echo "You find your tarball here: ../${TARBALL_NAME}-$(version).tar.gz"
......@@ -208,8 +208,8 @@ extern hoststatus *hoststatus_list;
extern servicestatus *servicestatus_list;
char encoded_url_string[4][MAX_INPUT_BUFFER]; // 2 to be able use url_encode 4 times
char encoded_html_string[2][(MAX_COMMAND_BUFFER * 6)]; // 2 to be able use html_encode twice
char encoded_url_string[4][MAX_INPUT_BUFFER]; // 4 to be able to use url_encode 4 times
char encoded_html_string[2][(MAX_COMMAND_BUFFER * 6)]; // 2 to be able to use html_encode twice
#ifdef CYGWIN
......@@ -1525,9 +1525,9 @@ Optional Packages:
sets path to embedded perl directory
--with-init-dir=<path> sets directory to place init script into
sets directory to place systemd service file into
sets directory to place systemd service
configuration file
--with-lockfile=<path> sets path and file name for lock file
......@@ -2507,9 +2507,9 @@ ac_config_headers="$ac_config_headers include/config.h"
for ac_dir in "$srcdir" "$srcdir/.." "$srcdir/../.."; do
......@@ -9,9 +9,9 @@ AC_CONFIG_HEADER(include/config.h)
dnl Figure out how to invoke "install" and what install options to use.
......@@ -530,11 +530,11 @@ fi
dnl User can override unit file directory location
AC_ARG_WITH(systemd_unit_dir,AC_HELP_STRING([--with-systemd-unitdir=<path>],[sets directory to place systemd service file into]),systemd_unit_dir=$withval)
AC_ARG_WITH(systemd_unit_dir,AC_HELP_STRING([--with-systemd-unit-dir=<path>],[sets directory to place systemd service file into]),systemd_unit_dir=$withval)
dnl User can override sysconfig file directory location
AC_ARG_WITH(systemd_sysconfig_dir,AC_HELP_STRING([--with-systemd-sysconfigdir=<path>],[sets directory to place systemd service configuration file]),systemd_sysconfig_dir=$withval)
AC_ARG_WITH(systemd_sysconfig_dir,AC_HELP_STRING([--with-systemd-sysconfig-dir=<path>],[sets directory to place systemd service configuration file]),systemd_sysconfig_dir=$withval)
dnl User can override lock file location
......@@ -95,7 +95,7 @@
<a class="indexterm" name="idp168526240"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251272456592"></a>
<div class="section" title="1.1.2. Systemvoraussetzungen">
......@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@
<a class="indexterm" name="idp168547712"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251272434720"></a>
<div class="section" title="1.1.3. Lizenzierung">
......@@ -141,7 +141,7 @@
<a class="indexterm" name="idp168558080"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251272424368"></a>
<div class="section" title="1.1.4. Danksagungen">
......@@ -152,7 +152,7 @@
<p>Verschiedene Leute haben zu Icinga beigetragen, z.B. durch Meldung von Fehlern, vorschlagen von Verbesserungen, schreiben
von Plugins usw.</p>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp168561120"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251272428880"></a>
<div class="section" title="1.1.5. Beschaffen der neuesten Version">
......@@ -162,7 +162,7 @@
<p>Sie können auf <a class="link" href="" target="_top"></a> nach neuen Versionen von Icinga suchen.</p>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp168564688"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251272417904"></a>
<div class="section" title="1.1.6. Kompatibilität">
......@@ -177,7 +177,7 @@
<p>Icinga und das Icinga-Logo sind Markenzeichen von Alle anderen Markenzeichen, Dienstmarkenzeichen,
registrierte Markenzeichen und registrierte Dienstmarkenzeichen können das Eigentum der jeweiligen Inhaber sein.</p>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp168569424"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251272413120"></a>
<div class="navfooter">
......@@ -95,9 +95,9 @@
durchführen, um den genauen Status eines bestimmten Netzwerk-Segments zu ermitteln. Prüfungen nach Bedarf finden sich auch in der <a class="link" href="dependencychecks.html" title="7.20. Vorausschauende Abhängigkeitsprüfungen">vorausschauenden Abhängigkeitsprüfung</a>s-Logik, um sicherzustellen, dass Icinga möglichst genaue
Statusinformationen hat.</p>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp178428240"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251262526192"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp178429952"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251262524368"></a>
<div class="navfooter">
......@@ -127,9 +127,9 @@
<a class="indexterm" name="idp183314016"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251257640592"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp183315296"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251257639312"></a>
<div class="navfooter">
......@@ -157,55 +157,55 @@
<p>Das IDOUtils-Addon und die Dokumentation finden Sie unter <a class="link" href="" target="_top"></a>.</p>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184680496"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256274288"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184682320"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256272496"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184683712"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256270976"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184685472"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256269360"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184686608"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256268128"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184688272"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256266480"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184689376"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256265344"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184691104"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256263696"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184692112"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256262560"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184693808"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256260912"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184694976"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256259776"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184696736"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256258128"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184697744"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256256992"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184699440"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256255344"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184700608"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256254208"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184702368"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256252560"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184703376"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256251424"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184705056"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256249776"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184706192"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256248640"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184707984"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256246992"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184708992"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256245856"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184710688"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256244208"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184711824"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256243072"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184713616"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256241424"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp184714752"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251256240288"></a>
<div class="navfooter">
......@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@
<a class="indexterm" name="idp168642480"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251272340144"></a>
<div class="section" title="2.1.1. Icinga-Überblick">
<div class="titlepage"><div><div><h3 class="title">
......@@ -197,7 +197,7 @@
<p>Weil das Icinga-Classic-Web ständig weiter entwickelt wird, können Sie sicher sein, dass jedes Addon, das Sie mit Nagios nutzen,
auch mit Icinga funktionieren wird.</p>
<table border="1" id="idp168674544">
<table border="1" id="idm251272308256">
<caption>Tabelle 2.1. Screenshots Icinga-Classic-Web</caption>
......@@ -354,7 +354,7 @@
<table border="1" id="idp168722752">
<table border="1" id="idm251272258064">
<caption>Tabelle 2.2. Screenshots Icinga-New-Web</caption>
......@@ -503,11 +503,11 @@
<a class="indexterm" name="idp168778016"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251272204704"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp168781520"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251272201200"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp168783008"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251272199712"></a>
......@@ -230,9 +230,9 @@
wie die Änderung der horizon-Variablen die zwischengespeicherten Prüf-Statistiken beeinflusst. Ändern und wiederholen Sie, falls
<a class="indexterm" name="idp183402304"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251257552320"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp183403504"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251257551120"></a>
<div class="navfooter">
......@@ -329,21 +329,21 @@
einen sicheren Web-Server haben und sicher sind, dass sich jeder, der das Classic UI aufruft, in irgendeiner Weise authentifiziert hat.
Wenn Sie diese Variable definieren, dann wird jeder, der sich am Web-Server authentifiziert, alle Rechte dieses Benutzers erben!</p>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp179406432"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251261548176"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp179407440"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251261547168"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp179409136"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251261545408"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp179410656"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251261543728"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp179411808"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251261542048"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp179414192"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251261540368"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp179415200"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251261539328"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp179416880"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251261536992"></a>
<div class="navfooter">
......@@ -152,7 +152,7 @@
<p>(wird fortgesetzt)</p>
<a class="indexterm" name="idp180647616"></a>
<a class="indexterm" name="idm251260306656"></a>
<div class="navfooter">