Commit 7e5caa38 authored by Remi Collet's avatar Remi Collet

sentinel.conf now have a logfile line,

so change default value, instead of adding a new line
parent 302a52d2
......@@ -166,9 +166,9 @@ sed -i -e '/cd jemalloc && /d' deps/Makefile
sed -i -e 's|../deps/jemalloc/lib/libjemalloc.a|-ljemalloc -ldl|g' src/Makefile
sed -i -e 's|-I../deps/jemalloc.*|-DJEMALLOC_NO_DEMANGLE -I/usr/include/jemalloc|g' src/Makefile
# Configuration file changes and additions
# Configuration file changes
sed -i -e 's|^logfile .*$|logfile /var/log/redis/redis.log|g' redis.conf
sed -i -e '$ alogfile /var/log/redis/sentinel.log' sentinel.conf
sed -i -e 's|^logfile .*$|logfile /var/log/redis/sentinel.log|g' sentinel.conf
sed -i -e 's|^dir .*$|dir /var/lib/redis|g' redis.conf
# Module API version safety check
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