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Use GitHub tags page in debian/watch

This allows building packages after the tag was pushed but before the corresponding GitHub release was published.

The same change was already done in deb-icinga2:
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......@@ -2,4 +2,4 @@ version=3
# filenamemangle -> prepending icinga2 if only tag name
# versionmangle -> convert version addition to ~ version
opts=filenamemangle=s/.+\/(?:icinga2-|v)([\d.]+(?:-.+)?).tar.gz/icinga2-$1.tar.gz/,versionmangle=s/^([\d.]+)-(.+)?/$1~$2/ \ .*/(?:icinga2-|v)([\d.]+(?:-.+)?).tar.gz .*/(?:icinga2-|v)([\d.]+(?:-.+)?).tar.gz
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