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......@@ -97,3 +97,16 @@ Name | Language | Description
[console](scripts/console/) | - | Examples for using the icinga2 console CLI command
[events](scripts/events/) | - | Examples for event streams
[objects](scripts/objects/) | PHP, Python | Examples for fetching status and managing objects
## Filter json output with jq
You can test your filter expression online.
Example: how to get output from service
curl -k -u training:icinga 'https://icinga2Server.localdomain:5665/v1/objects/services?filter=match(%22icingaHost1%22,host.name)&attr=last_check_result' |jq '.results[].attrs.last_check_result.output'
"OK - load average per CPU: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00"
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