Commit 941d3ab2 authored by Michael Friedrich's avatar Michael Friedrich
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Add OTRS SystemMonitoring integration

parent 5ea9d8a1
......@@ -69,6 +69,7 @@ Name | Language | Description
[Icinga Web 2]( | PHP | Trigger actions via command transport
[Logstash output for Icinga]( | Ruby | Forward check results and create objects from log events
[OTRS SystemMonitoring]( | Perl | Acknowledge problems in Icinga 2 from OTRS tickets
[mqttwarn]( | Python | Forward check results from mqttwarn to Icinga 2
[Lita handler]( | Ruby | List, recheck and acknowledge through a #chatops bot called [Lita](
[Sakuli forwarder]( | Java | Forward check results from tests from [Sakuli]( to Icinga 2
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