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Add no_notification example using icinga2api library

@tobiasvdk :)
parent a0eaa053
#!/usr/bin/env python
# pip install icinga2api
from icinga2api.client import Client
# use a helper to fetch our cut down object names
def getObjects(client, type_name):
return client.objects.list(type_name, attrs=['__name'])
# use a helper to convert the full blown object dictionary into a list of __name elements
def getNameList(objects):
return map(lambda x : x['attrs']['__name'], objects)
def diffList(l1,l2):
l2 = set(l2)
return [x for x in l1 if x not in l2]
# add connection details
client = Client('https://localhost:5665', 'root', 'icinga')
hosts = getObjects(client, 'Host')
services = getObjects(client, 'Service')
notifications = getObjects(client, 'Notification')
# debug
#print hosts
#print services
#print notifications
h_names = getNameList(hosts)
s_names = getNameList(services)
n_names = getNameList(notifications)
found_h_names = []
found_s_names = []
for n in n_names:
split_arr = n.split("!")
if len(split_arr) == 2:
for h in h_names:
# debug
#print n + " " + h
if h in split_arr[0]:
if len(split_arr) == 3:
for s in s_names:
# debug
#print n + " " + s
# rebuild the matched full service name with host!service
split_s_full_name = split_arr[0] + "!" + split_arr[1]
if s in split_s_full_name:
print "Hosts without notification"
print ", ".join(diffList(h_names, found_h_names))
print ""
print "Services without notification"
print ", ".join(diffList(s_names, found_s_names))
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