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* [Dashing]( (separate standalone project)
* [AWS/EC2](aws-ec2/)
* [Clippy.js](clippy.js/)
* [Scripts](scripts/)
# Support
# General
[Clippy.js]( is a full
Javascript implementation of Microsoft Agent (AKA
Clippy and friends), ready to be embedded in any website.
`query.php` is a simple wrapper for the Icinga 2 API.
I had to come up with that proxy in the middle to
workaround CORS issues hindering direct javascript calls.
`index.php` contains the jQuery ajax requests to poll
the API status in a loop and then selectively let clippy
tell you about problems and run the animation.
**It certainly is not an example for production usage,
this demo is just for fun.**
If - at some later point - the Icinga 2 API is fully
integrated into Icinga Web 2 as a query resource one
could think of realizing this nifty widget for notifications
and such (
# Configuration
Edit `query.php` and add your basic auth credentials and connection
info for the Icinga 2 API.
Put everything somewhere on your webserver's root directory
and call it from your browser.
A short demo is available on [Youtube](
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