Commit cd99e929 authored by Alexander A. Klimov's avatar Alexander A. Klimov 😎
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Update QEMU

to avoid "semop(1): encountered an error: Function not implemented"
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......@@ -15,9 +15,9 @@ ifneq ($(CI_REGISTRY),)
QEMU_VERSION = v4.0.0-5
QEMU_STATIC =$(QEMU_VERSION)/qemu-arm-static.tar.gz
QEMU_CHECKSUM = 3fc9536f712b02c5c83cb45b4deba5c48dc87b3a48795ca4189da08ab6f25ac54495bc56e5e1914f595dc2ca68dcd04977264e9f19d5754e88ed3a6dea68ac12
QEMU_VERSION = v5.2.0-11
QEMU_STATIC =$(QEMU_VERSION)/x86_64_qemu-arm-static.tar.gz
QEMU_CHECKSUM = 3233ece85d71729065950e52714020369c2f3aaa5616d7361fe1cc275673252598f196c4fc5f3cdf4747cd24a5e8f9eb076323501e9a8760a514f3f579bfcd3e
.PHONY: all tarball clean
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